Marc Sastre - The end of rock


event Released on January 14, 2021
menu_book 112 pages - 13.5 cm x 20.5 cm
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Marc Sastre
The end of rock
Cover photograph: Stanley Green
Cover design: Anne Martel
It is not a book about bands but rather about their death, about that of rock, of its agonies as of its rebirths, of its impostures as of its truths. It is about streets, bewitchments, divorces and reunions.
We meet ghosts there, unless they are fantasies. Anonymous people too, those who have damaged ears and burned feet for having danced too much, and often too much sought.
The end of rock was as much the end of idols as the product of our emancipation. Of these figures made by a society of the image, overinvested by the frustration of our ordinary lives to which they had given the desire of the extraordinary. Of these very pathetic figures who were not what they seemed to be, or what we wanted them to be.

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