Back from the canigoo garage punk from Perpignan


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Lp double Vinyl "Back from the canigo" garage punk /perpignan from the 90' s
Tracklist /Crédits
A1 –Les Gardiens Du Canigou Sweet Crying Baby
A2 –Les Gardiens Du Canigou Cooking Time With The Devil
A3 –Les Gardiens Du Canigou Landing-Ship-Dream
A4 –The Beach Bitches Surfin' Butcher
A5 –The Beach Bitches Walking In The Jungle
A6 –The Beach Bitches Transylvania Train
A7 –The Beach Bitches Crank
A8 –Uguet 68 I Wanna Go
A9 –Uguet 68 I Saw The Astromen
B1 –The Ugly Things (2) Instrumental
B2 –The Ugly Things (2) Baby I Don't Wanna Drive
B3 –The Feedback Teenage Cavemen
B4 –The Feedback She' So Fine
B5 –The Feedback Come With Me
B6 –Les Buissons Buissons Theme I
B7 –Les Buissons As I Look
B8 –The Likyds From 42 To 66
C1 –The Vox Men Midnight Trouble
C2 –The Vox Men Surf
C3 –The Toxic Farmers (You're The One I) Love
C4 –The Toxic Farmers Rocking Farmer
C5 –The Lazy Sundays Anymore Than I Do
C6 –The Lightning Circus Band And The Boom Boom Beat* Girl (You Should Come Back)
C7 –The Lightning Circus Band And The Boom Boom Beat* 16th Mouth
C8 –Human Potatoes Bartolin's Scream
C9 –The Rippers (3) I Want You
C10 –Psiquàtric Xaïs Spectral Fuzz Refractors
D1 –Les Gardiens Du Canigou Gloria (Live Rivesaltes)
D2 –The Ugly Things (2) Gloria (Live Lleida)
D3 –The Ugly Things (2) Wild Man (Live Lleida)
D4 –Les Buissons Le Responsable
D5 –The Likyds Marbu Dorada
D6 –The Beach Bitches Night Of Elizabeth

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