The 13th Floor elevators - The contact sessions - Lp Vinyl


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13th FLOOR ELEVATORS "Headstone: The Contact Sessions" LP
Artist 13th Floor Elevators
Album Headstone: The Contact Sessions
Format LP
Label Fanclub

Fanclub vinyl reissue: You're Gonna Miss Me/ Tried To Hide/ Everybody Needs Somebody To Love/ Take That Girl/ You Can't Hurt Me Anymore/ I'm Gonna Love You Too/ Monkey Island/ Roller Coaster/ Now I'm Home (Splash 1)Where Am I? (Through The Rhythm)/ Fire Engine.

A1 You're Gonna Miss Me
A2 Tried To Hide
A3 Everybody Needs Somebody To Love
A4 Take That Girl
A5 You Can't Hurt Me Anymore
A6 I'm Gonna Love You Too
B1 Monkey Island
B2 Roller Coaster
B3 Now I'm Home (Splash 1)
B4 Where Am I? (Through The Rhythm)
B5 Fire Engine

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